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This picture shows the first Black Belt grading held in Namibia in 2003 taken in Windhoek 


Shihan Gert Husselmann started karate on 03rd March 1977 in Cape Town. In 1983 Gert moved to Windhoek, as a shodan (1st Dan) Black Belt under the name Goju Kan Karate. in 1989 he was one of the founder members of Namibia Karate Union at the Turingerhof hotel in Windhoek, for the years before 1989 he was not part of the activities of the then national karate body. He Joined Karate-Zen International in June 1992, where still in the early years Freddie Mwiya walked out with first place at the Black Belt Kumite championships for two consecutive years, from Karate-Zen International Championships and those were one of the first participation of karate-Zen Namibia. Sensei Freddie Mwiya became second after taking the title twice, he managed to hold sencond place the third year after his reign.

In 1996 Shihan Gert Husselmann ( who was the only member of Karate-Zen Namibia) was elected as team manager (without any colours) to take the team to the World Karate Federation Championships in Johannesburg. Later in 1999 Shihan took part in the Zone 6 Championships which was held in Windhoek, and was pointed out as the best referee of Namibia. Later in the same year he went to the All Africa Championships on his own in Johannesburg and became the first Namibian to obtain a judge grade in kumite. Years after he went to several African and Zone-6 Championships, which saw him as the first in the country to have Judge-A and Referee-B status on continental level.

Karate-Zen has a fully qualified national Kata judge and Kumite referee, Sensei Ace Mutelo (3rd Dan Black belt), with several upcoming referees and judges within the descipline. Freddy Mwiya (4th dan), Ace Mutelo (3rd Dan), Paul Mwiya (1st Dan), Nadeem Husselmann (2nd Dan), with several other Karate-Zen members have represented Karate-Zen at both local and international games for the past few years. In 2005 we saw Karate-Zen Namibia students to be the only ones who qualified for the Africa Championships held in Luanda, Angola.

In 1996, Sensei Freddie Mwiya moved up north to Oshakati, where we now have a strong hold of Karate-Zen, he assisted in developing karate together with the establishment of a club in Katima Mulilo, north east part of Namibia, which is now under the leadership of Sensei Rocket Chiziza Shodan (1st Dan) Black belt.

Karate-Zen Namibia has Dojos (training places) in Freesia Street, Khomasdal Windhoek, University of Namibia (UNAM), Polytechnic of Namibia, Windhoek College, Oshakati, Ondangwa, Katima Mulilo (2), Rundu, Keetmannshoop, and Swakopmund. We also have recieved students from other countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Botswana and Northen Africa. Karate-Zen Namibia currently has 17 Senior Black Belts and 7 Junior Black Belts. karate-zen Nambia has members are between 300 and 400 students training country wide, under the flag of karate-Zen Namibia. Karate-Zen Namibia started to conduct its Black Belt grading in 2003 locally under the watchful eye of Shihan Selwyn Rhoda (6th Dan) Chief Instructor of Karate-Zen International.

We are concetrating on developing the code and give opportunities to the previously disadvantaged group to learn the ecentric traditional Japanesse karate, the art of self defence and discipline.

National Championships are currently hosted in exchange base every year between Windhoek and Oshakati,. We are looking forward to advance these Championships to Katima Mulilo and other places.

Karate-zen Namibia is currently headed by Chief Instructor Shihan Gert Husselmann, under the Presendency of Sempai Audrin Mathe shodan (1st Black Belt).